English for executives and company staff is one of our busiest departments. We offer quality personal service to our clients concentrating exclusively on their requirement, using the latest technology. We offer our “know-how” knowledge of the business world. Our clients are large multinationals, small companies and business managers.

Our goal is for clients to communicate in English fluently, accurately and using the correct pronunciation. Such courses are ideal for professionals who wish to improve their language skills (grammar, vocabulary and speaking) in the workplace.

Choose the course that best interests you and begin to perfect your English.

» Company Courses

» Open Courses

» Conversation Courses

» Survival English

» Interviews in English

» Presentations in English

» Telephone English

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» Hospitality Industry English

Air Traffic Controllers English, Military English and more courses. Please call us for more information.

Remember that our services will be performed based on the client’s needs and this service can take place in several ways:

1. via videoconference: Webcam

2. in our centre

3. in the client´s offices