Teenagers – Children

Catch-up Study Vouchers

Catch-up Study Vouchers are intended for those students who are having trouble with English at high school or primary school and are failing their monthly assessments. It is solely intended for the development of the individual student so as to improve his/her marks in English. Students are required to work with perseverance and follow a personalized study plan that will be developed for them by their tutor. We focus specifically on the needs and objectives of each student and after a few weeks their knowledge of English is improved.

We recommend these courses to teenagers and children who need:

• to strengthen and improve their level of English at school

• to study with native teachers to avoid Spanish pronunciation

• to acquire the knowledge needed to pass official exams

• to feel comfortable learning English in a positive environment


Groups and Levels

» Small groups – maximum 8 students per group

» All levels from Beginners to Advanced based on the  
   Common European Framework of Reference for Languages 

» Groups are of a uniform level to facilitate learning

» Free placement test to assist and advise our students